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A modular carpet tile supplier that merges design and creativity to transform spaces.
With a broad range of collections, we seek to challenge what a floor space can be.
We aim not only to supply modular tiles but truly be innovative in the way we do it.



About us

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Commercial Quality Carpet Tiles

A reputable supplier in modular carpet tiles, Icon Modular designs and creates innovative flooring products. We combine vision, design and creativity to transform all types of projects. Our ideas are inspired by our experience and culture, evolving into modular carpet tiles that are tailored to the specific needs of individual industries and organisations. Our range of commercial modular carpet tiles is a testament to the diligence and creativity of the minds who work to fashion our collections. Whether you are in the process of decorating a new space or planning to renovate an existing one, you can achieve outstanding results with our high-quality modular carpet tiles.

Featured projects

We aim for every one of our collections of modular carpet tiles to inspire clients to explore beyond the norm and experiment with their creative ideas. All of our products are in stock and can be seen in the real-life projects that we have highlighted on our website. Our ventures have taken our carpet tiles to industrial, workplace, medical and educational spaces in Sydney and further afield.

Vision | Design | Create


The ability to think outside the box is evidence that our design group is like no other. At Icon Modular, we focus on two main factors when it comes to our vision for a new collection: experience and culture. Our visions have taken us in all directions, and we can’t wait to create more with you. Outstanding innovative designs start with creative visions that reflect the inspirations from which they are drawn. We are able to consistently produce new and exciting visions through our focus on these two key factors.


Encapsulating our vision requires time and reflection. Our designs are brought forth from a range of experiences and cultural understandings. Our Galaxy collection, for example, was designed from the world above, incorporating the night sky into a modular carpet tile range. By nurturing our visions and taking the necessary time to translate them into new designs, we create collections that transcend conventional aesthetics. The result is beautiful carpet squares that are not just a practical solution to commercial flooring needs but also a valuable addition to the interior décor of any space.


The easiest task of all. Assemble the vision and design to create a modular carpet tile. This process is taken with extreme care. Like a puzzle, all pieces must add up to create a timeless picture. We aim to achieve this satisfaction each time we complete and release a new collection. Once we have completed the vision and design process, we focus on the details that will turn our ideas into a stunning new collection of carpet tiles. Because of our in-depth knowledge and experience, this is a task at which we excel.

Australian owned and operated

As a family-owned Australian flooring supplier, we place great emphasis on the importance of integrity and reliability, essentially encompassing our brand ethos. We aim to ensure that the carpet squares we create don’t just meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. By managing the vision, design and creation phases under one roof, here in Sydney, we have complete control over the entire process. This means that we are able to achieve exceptional results on every collection of carpet tiles we produce. 

Why us

Our extensive collections of commercial modular carpet tiles reinvigorate and challenge one’s perception of the perfect interior design. If you are attracted to the practical advantages carpet squares have to offer but have yet to find a collection that meets your high standards, we would like to invite you to view our products and see what can be achieved by a team of creative experts with a real passion for their work. Our Galaxy, By the River, Urban Minerals and Armory collections were created to meet the needs of our many discerning clients in Sydney.


With over 40 years of cumulative knowledge and experience, ranging from woven Axminster and Wilton carpets to the beautiful modular carpet tiles for which we are now known, our resilience and adaptation to this ever-growing and ever-changing market are clearly illustrated. We continue to innovate with new products, such as eco modular carpet tiles, making sure that we remain at the forefront of the industry in Sydney and provide our clients with commercial modular carpet solutions that meet their changing needs and preferences.

Finding purpose

Our world — from everything within to above and beyond. Our inspirations are clear: capturing and creating designs from culture and experience. With these two dynamics, our design focus and inspiration for new commercial modular carpet tiles is never-ending.