Urban minerals

Dedicated to the world’s most beautiful stones and inspired by Mother Nature, our “Urban Minerals” carpet plank collection will enhance any commercial setting. Patterned after Gypsum, Magnetite, Onyx and Quartz, Icon Modular has created a range of carpet planks for commercial offices — or any indoor environment of your choosing.

  • Gypsum — Gypsum is mined from sedimentary rock formations and found hidden beneath layers of salt water. Typically colourless with streaks of whites and blues, our Gypsum-inspired carpet tile will give your floors an understated look and feel.
  • Magnetite — Magnetite is best known for being a common source of iron and its magnetic properties. Its intense dark grey and cool feel will help you bring a moody vibe to any room.
  • Onyx — Make a bold statement in your office space with our Onyx-inspired tiling. Best known for its spiritual and meditative benefits, the Onyx gemstone is mysterious as it is beautiful.
  • Quartz — In Japanese culture, quartz is sometimes regarded as a symbol of perfection. Throughout history, this icy grey stone has been used in everything from spiritual rituals to predicting the future, so our Quartz tile is sure to add a mystical touch to any commercial office.

Our carpet tiles can also be tweaked to suit your space better. We want to give you every opportunity to make our products blend into your commercial office space. If you’d like more information on installing Icon Modular carpet tiles, get in touch by sending us an email or giving us a call.

Budget commercial carpet tiles in Sydney

Carpet planks for commercial offices have never looked better. With over 40 years of experience in the carpet industry, you can trust Icon Modular to transform your office space.

We work alongside architects, designers and builders to create our carpet tile collections. With top-quality materials and eye-catching designs at a cost-effective price, it’s no wonder that Icon Modular is the top spot for budget commercial carpet tiles in Sydney.

Sturdy and simple, the way we like it

Our carpet planks for commercial offices were made to last. When you say yes to an Icon Modular carpet tile collection, you’re saying yes to durable and budget-friendly products. Our team is highly passionate about what they do, so you can expect the best from us — from when you place your order through to when your brand new carpet tiles are installed in your commercial office.

Our carpet tiles are brilliant for busier offices, thanks to their easy installation and durability. Our highly skilled installers can get your office space ready with minimal disruption. Icon Modular tiles are also easy to store, as they can be purchased in small quantities, making them ideal for areas with limited storage.

Only minimal maintenance is required to keep them looking sharp, so you can stay focused on your day-to-day tasks. Whether you allow your workers to bring in their furry friends or someone got clumsy with their morning coffee, rest assured our carpet tiles are easy to clean. But if you do need to have your carpet tiles replaced, this is also a cheap and easy process — there’s no need to rip up the entire slip! We just replace the damaged area.

So discover how Icon Modular can transform your office space with our unique carpet tile collection by contacting our helpful customer service team today.

Gypsum 201

Magnetite 202

Onyx 203

Quartz 204

…Inspired By Raw Materials

Natural elements, the by-product of manufacturing. Raw materials that are mother earth. Our world is forever changing, we bring forth the ‘Urban Minerals’ range, a collection envisaged and designed off our world. This range draws inspiration from the natural materials this earth has to offer, from the wondrous gemstones of Quartz and Onyx to the natural stone of Magnetite and Gypsum.

Following suit, a natural mineral is unique. If you look closely at the texture, pile height and pattern of this brilliantly designed range, you will clearly identify the character that the floor is given when graced with the Urban Minerals Collection.

Urban Minerals Carpet Tiles