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…Walk in a world of your own

Throughout our human story, time and space were once unknown. From gases and dust to more stars than grains of sand on earth in our universe, life as we know it now, is much different. The unknown is gravitating, questions are plentiful we are living in a time where discovery is endless.

In a galaxy far, far away, Icon Modular has created a range from the world above and brought it to the world within. This assembly of modular carpet tiles has been inspired by the diversity of our Galaxy. Whether you want a to visit the ‘milkyway’ or travel on the surface of the moon with ‘lunar’ this range offers vivacious colour patterns that only emulate our domain from above.

A range of Galaxy carpet tiles inspired by the heavenly domains

A homage to the vision of the night sky and the cosmic patterns of the universe, the Galaxy carpet tiles collection from Icon Modular will enhance the ambience of any room they’re placed in. The Lunar and Interstellar carpet patterns draw inspiration from celestial colour palettes and feature a velvety finish that means you’ll be able to keep your feet on the ground in comfort, even as you contemplate the mysteries of the universe.

The collection features four galactic designs, all of which can elevate any space to the stars, whether it’s within your office, warehouse or shop front! Designed to seamlessly blend with all types of furniture styles and interior decor while distinctly on its own, it’s the perfect modular solution for any setting where you need a durable but comfortable carpet solution.

The styles within our Galaxy carpet tiles range include:

  • Dark Matter 401

    The Dark Matter carpet tile blends in the different hues of dark grey and charcoal to create a one-of-a-kind carpet texture. The deep colour subtly nods to the vastness of the space above us while offering optimal functionality right here on earth. With a blend of practicality and celestial colours, the Dark Matter tile is ideal for heavy footfall areas and staircases. No matter your interior theme or decor style, the Dark Matter carpet tiles will seamlessly complement a variety of timber and metallic finishes, wall paints and fixtures in your spatial setting. Whether you’re looking for an all-around dark and dramatic space or looking to create points of emphasis on floors, these velvety Dark Matter galaxy carpet tiles are the perfect choice for all types of commercial environments.

  • Interstellar 402

    The Interstellar carpet tile is an ode to astronomical textures and colour palettes inspired by asteroids, meteoroids and stardust. Thoughtfully designed with mild grey hues, the carpet tile design reflects the playful hues of a cosmic adventure through a distinguished gradient look. Speckled with muted grainy patterns, the Interstellar galaxy carpet tile is an ideal solution for smaller spaces, lounge designs and interior focal details in commercial spaces. Paired with the other carpet tiles from the selection, the Interstellar successfully brings out the colour notes of the Milky Way, enhancing the ambience of any room it’s placed in.

  • Lunar 403

    The Lunar carpet tile design is dotted with celestial energy while thoughtfully releasing the inner explorer within us. Replicating the moon’s surface textures and craters with style and sophistication, the carpet tile resonates with the feeling of walking on our natural satellite. Designed to lighten up spaces with white and light grey hues and accents, the Lunar carpet tiles are an ideal option for creating focal points, patterns, and cutouts in large open spaces. When paired with the other tile designs in the Galaxy collection — Dark Matter, Interstellar, and Milky Way — the Lunar adds a palpable sense of balance and harmony.

  • Milky Way 404

    Inspired by our mystical galaxy, the Milky Way carpet tile reflects the gradient hues of deep violet. Textured with light grey hues along with a cosmic violet base, the carpet tile beautifully exhibits the starry look of the Milky Way with premium style. Adding a tonal shift to the collection, the violet and blue-hued carpet tile is an exemplary pairing for the other hues. You can create various dynamic carpet tile patterns such as ashlar or quarter turn by mixing the Milky Way tiles with the other designs. The Milky Way carpet tile is an ideal option for monotoned open lounges and seating spaces, and for creating interior focal points when mixed and matched with the Dark Matter or Milky Way carpet tile designs.

Timeless galaxy carpet tile designs that last

Get mesmerised by the out of the world experience that our Galaxy carpet tile collection offers. Not only are they ideal for high-traffic areas in professional offices and commercial settings, but the carpet tiles also offer styling versatility and functionality. The grainy textures and tonal hues reduce the appearance of dirt and dust and fit into any interior decor theme easily.

With a PVC-backing that evenly disperses the weight of heavy-duty commercial fittings, our Galaxy carpet tiles enjoy a durable build that’s designed to last. Whether you’re looking to renovate a single room or refurbish an entire interior space, Icon Modular’s Galaxy carpet tiles are an easy choice to make. They require only minimal maintenance and last for years to come, can be easily installed and are available Australia-wide.

Shop Lunar and Interstellar carpet tiles from Icon Modular

If you’re looking for high-quality Galaxy carpet tiles and other flooring solutions, your interstellar expedition stops right here at Icon Modular. Whether you’re an interior designer, architect or property developer, we can help you furnish your spatial setting with designer products and durable construction techniques and finishes. With over years of experience in the modular carpet industry, we assure you that you’ll enjoy our flooring solutions for years to come. If you have any questions, get in touch with our team of carpet experts, and we can help you find the best fit to create a new dynamic ambience in your space.

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