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Carpet tiles are individual tiles of carpeting that can be slotted together. Underneath the sturdy tile is a structured layer of pile fibres, tufted into a primary backing which is reinforced by a second layer of protection. It’s a durable style, easy to maintain and simple to clean, making it the ideal choice for an office flooring design. 

The benefits of commercial carpet tiles for offices

  • Easy to install — Free from the difficult elements that make layering carpets a challenge, carpet tiles can be purchased in small units, making them easy to store, transport and handle. When you let a professional installer handle the process, it’s overly simple, so it shouldn’t take them long. Installation can also go ahead with minimal destruction in the workspace, making them a suitable choice for business companies that have staff in the office at all times. 
  • Endless durability — Even if your office space has a significant amount of foot traffic, carpet tiles aren’t going to show it! Carpet tiles are renowned for their life span and ability to withstand everyday mess, making them a high performing flooring option. Requiring minimal attention to remain in tip-top condition, the durability of floor tiles is one of the main reasons why people opt for this style of flooring. While the majority of carpet tiles can be modified to suit your space, you can easily change the yarn fibre, pile weight and backing option for a different look, feel and performance. 
  • Cost-effective — Whether someone spills coffee all over the new flooring or walks mud through the office, damaged carpet tiles are easy and cheap to replace as there’s no need to rip up the entire strip. For businesses looking to install commercial carpet tiles in Australia, the relative speed of using them means little disruption or downtime — which in turn, means lower associated costs. Plus, commercial carpet tile prices are usually lower than other office flooring designs. 
  • Easy to remove and replace — Carpet tiles are easy to install and easy to remove. Should damage occur, the individual carpet tile can be immediately replaced, so there’s no need to rip up the entire floor. The squares can also be lifted if access is needed to the substrate floor underneath. 

Icon Modular — The go-to for premium commercial quality carpet tiles  

As Australia’s leading carpet tile suppliers, we’re proud to have offered our services to businesses across the country, turning offices and establishments into well-designed spaces. With over 40 years of cumulative knowledge and experience spanning from woven Axminster and Wilton carpets to modular carpet tiles, Icon Modular should be your first choice for commercial carpet tiles in Australia. Contact our commercial flooring team online today to level up your interiors with a premium office floor design.

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