By the river

At Icon Modular, our By the River carpet tile collection is a nature-inspired carpet influenced by our connection to the land in Australia. What better way to bring the outdoors to your space than to invest in our carpet plank collection, ideal for any commercial setting? Inspired by native Australian streams, ponds, and waterfalls, the By the River carpet collection encompasses the serene peacefulness our Australian scenery offers, creating the perfect ambience for your commercial office or any indoor environment.

Billabong Nights 301

Billabong Nights 301

A billabong is an isolated pond left behind when a river changes its course — a treasure to come by. Evoke the calmness and serenity of Australia’s billabongs by opting for these wild river carpet planks with streaks of navy and black in the carpet planks to give your floors a relaxed, calming look and feel.

Log Crossing 302

Log Crossing 302

Picture this — a secluded pond scattered with moss-covered rocks as the water trickles by. A sturdy log is situated ahead to ensure your safe passage across the pond while you take in the sights. Pair with indoor plants to bring earthy tones and textures into your office space with this styled carpet plank.

Moonstream 303

Moonstream 303

There’s nothing quite like the moonlight casting shadows against the river at nightfall. Contrast your light-coloured furniture with this dark grey carpet streaked with lighter blues to evoke the patterns of the moonlight shining against the billabong waters on a peaceful night.

River Sand 304

Riversand 304

Riversands are granular, finely divided rocks and minerals that collect by riverbanks, forming the most exquisite colours. To add a pop of colour to your commercial decor, opt for the Riversand 304 nature-inspired carpet planks. Its yellow lines create the ambience of the sun shining down on your floors to add some warmth to your space.

Waterfall 305

Waterfall 305

As water crashes against the rocks emerging from a waterfall, it creates the most beautiful tones of white and bubbly blue, rushing to the surface. Create the comfort and peaceful ambience of a waterfall with wild river carpet planks, creating a sense of movement to uplift your space.

Why our nature-inspired carpet planks are an investment for your business

Our carpet planks for commercial offices are built to last. Whether you’re renovating a commercial office in the city or have an up-and-coming business at Sydney beaches, our By the River carpet planks are what you need to introduce nature into your interior design. By choosing Icon Modular, you’re effectively choosing durable, budget-friendly, easy-to-clean products to take your commercial office up a notch.

Our team is passionate about providing our customers with the best possible end-to-end service to exceed their expectations, from placing your order to installing your nature carpet planks in your commercial office.

By the River’s carpet style is ideal for busier office spaces — their easy installation and durability mean our installers can have your office up and running in no time with minimal disturbance so that you can focus on your work. If your office has limited storage, purchase our carpet planks in smaller quantities.

The durable nature of our carpet planks means you don’t need to fret when you have pets roaming around the office or if a colleague accidentally spills their morning beverage. They’re easy to clean, and the replacement process could not be easier! We simply remove the individual damaged carpet tile and replace it with a new one. It’s no wonder carpet planks are becoming the preferred choice in commercial businesses Australia-wide.

Icon Modular — the one-stop shop for nature carpet planks in Sydney

By choosing Icon Modular, you’re choosing Australia’s leading carpet tile suppliers, renowned for transforming offices and establishments into well-designed spaces. With over 40 years of industry expertise, there’s no need to look any further for your local carpet tile supplier. If you’re unsure if the By the River collection is the right fit for your business, explore our other collections today. Contact our expert team today to elevate your interiors with our premium nature-inspired carpet planks.

…Venture into the wild

Natural, untouched landscapes cultivate the human race. We share a fascination with nature. We are connected to the land. We walk a different path by the river to engage in these elements. Immerse yourself in this range, channel your inner being. By The River is the modern addition to Icon Modular.

This range takes you on a journey as you “venture into the wild” past the ‘waterfall’ under the ‘billabong nights’ and across the ‘river sand’. To be invested and at one with nature requires perseverance and time. The range has been inspired by bringing natures greatest elements inside.

By the River speaks for the beautiful scenery found around Australia, the designs and colours resonate natures’ beauty. From streams and ponds, waterfalls and rivers this collection encapsulates an untouched peaceful environment.

By The River Carpet Tiles