The Galaxy

Walk in a world of your own.

Exploring the colours of space, icon modular have created a range to bring the world above to the world within. The Galaxy Range

is interchangeable, allowing you to design and create a floor specific to your liking.


By The River

Venture into the wild.

Embarking on a journey through the wild exploring textures, colours and different environments is the source of inspiration for this modular carpet plank range. This range is completely interchangeable allowing a more diverse and creative solution for any commercial floor interior.


Urban Minerals

Inspired by raw materials.

Urban Minerals emulates some of the earth’s natural components. Drawing inspiration from the textures patterns and shapes found in these rocks icon modular have produced a modular carpet plank range that features Onyx, Magnetite, Gypsum & Quartz.



The base build range.

The Armory range features two carpet tiles Battlefield and Camouflage. This range offers a base build tile for all commercial uses. As in the name, Armory is always stocked and ready to go. It is the most popular choice for a simple, durable modular carpet tile.


Carpet Tiles Collection

For flooring solutions designed to impress, Icon Modular brings you carpet tile collections that emanate a soft luxury underfoot. Enriched with tonal colours and textural prints, our carpet tile collections will vivify the look of your interiors and tie your decor together. Explore our range of signature styles and give your space an haute design.


Our Galaxy carpet tile collection will feature an undulating timbre of hues and furnish your floors with a seamless aesthetic. Borrowing from the emptiness of space, its varying tones and speckled accents make a monochromatic colour palette explode with texture to compliment any modern design.

Whether you’re undergoing a simple refresh or a complete refurbishment, the neutral palette of the Galaxy carpet tile collection enjoys a timeless design that easily pairs with all your decor and furnishings for a cohesive style.

By The River

Browse our By The River carpet plank collection to enjoy more choices to furnish your home and office with. If you want to move away from uniform and rigid furnishings, our By The River carpet plank collection is the choice to make. Featuring a borderless, asymmetric pattern that thoughtfully imitates the raw beauty of nature, the five styles in this range are both practical and gorgeous.

Choose between tonal greys, blacks, blues and greens and decorate your space with modular carpet tiles that are soft to the touch and texturally rich. Their colour palettes will infuse a level of warmth in your interior design that naturally creates a welcoming and open environment.

Urban Materials

Inspired by the bare elements that form the foundation of any metropolis, our Urban Materials carpet plank collection will floor your space with tonal hues of greys and blacks. If you’re looking for a modern design with a more uniform look, our Urban Materials carpet plank collection might just be perfect for you. Available to be installed in ashlar, herringbone and staggered configurations, you can style your office with a uniform, eye-pleasing appeal.


Featuring an etched pattern of linear lines and speckled dots in greyscale, our Armory carpet tile collection finishes your floors with a stately sense of drama. Its deep smokey hues provide the perfect contrast to let your light-finished furnishings and decor products pop with a statement.

Benefits of Icon Modular’s collection

If you’re looking for flooring solutions with a premium look and easy maintenance, our carpet tiles are the perfect option for you. Some of the reasons why people love our carpet tile collections include:

  • Exceptional design choices — Not only will you find various captivating patterns within each collection, but our designs can also be laid in different configurations — ashlar, herringbone, and staggered — so you can craft the perfect look for your space.
  • Low maintenance — Our carpet tile collections enjoy superb versatility to withstand general wear and tear of high traffic areas, including stairs.
  • Easy installation — Unlike broadloom carpets, carpet tiles are pre-cut and feature an integrated underlay that will disperse weight to prevent furniture from compressing the fibres. In the unfortunate event that a tile is damaged, you can easily replace that single carpet tile, not a whole section. That’s why people usually buy a few extra to store at home or in the office.

Shop our premium carpet tile collections

Whether you’re looking at a small flooring refresh or a full-scale building renovation, our carpet tiles boast a contemporary and hard-wearing design that will impact the design of your office space. Explore the stylish designs in our carpet tile collections and discover why we are the go-to supplier for Australia’s interior designers, design and construct firms and architects.