Battlefield 101

Camouflage 102

…The base build range

Under the darkness of night, the armoured car travels across the beaten track back to base. The crew, without a murmur remove all their ‘camouflage’ and equipment. Heavy duty, unparalleled and bold are words which are synonymous with Armory.  Resilience and durability were factors that broadened our design focus and thus this Arsenal was born.

A simple yet striking colour pattern in linear form, replicates a clear and regimented operation. Unlike other ranges where colour selection is vast, the Armory range offers two distinct products, Battlefield and Camouflage. Their colour profile is one of simplicity and direction, hence offering many benefits for a specified product in base building works.

Flooring founded on high concept design

Completed with a monochromatic pattern of etched linear lines and small speckled dots, the Armory camouflage carpet tile collection will furnish your floors with a distinguished look. Designed for the bold and daring, our Armory carpets will impress a high-impact design on your interiors to let your furniture and decor pop.

Despite a small collection of two designs in greyscale, ‘Battlefield 101’ and ‘Camouflage 102’, this range packs a punch in creating a lasting impression on your interiors. With a smokey colour palette of black, charcoal and grey, our camouflage carpets will give your space a dramatic and stately feel that beautifully complements chrome, timber and textile furnishings.

The dark finish of our camouflage carpets also helps in giving the impression of a larger room. From taller ceilings to elongated corridors, fit our Armory camouflage carpet throughout your premises to trick the eye into thinking they are bigger. Additionally, they can be installed in ashlar, herringbone and staggered floor patterns, so it’s easy to tailor the design of our camouflage carpet to suit your room and your decor scheme.

Enjoy our camouflage carpets for a design that lasts

It’s not called camouflage carpet for nothing. Ideal for high traffic areas, its tonal hues will hide the appearance of dirt and dust tracked in from outside, making it an excellent option when hosting clients and ensuring a professional presentation of your office and commercial premises.

Extremely hard-wearing, our Armory camouflage carpet tiles are designed to hold up against heavy duty commercial environments so you can enjoy their premium look no matter where they are fitted.

The benefits of installing Armory camouflage carpet tiles

Whether you’re looking at replacing the flooring in a single room or at a complete renovation of your premises, our Armory camouflage carpet offers you many benefits to furnish your floors. Some of these reasons include:

  • Low maintenance — Our Armory camouflage carpet is ideal for high traffic areas and commercial premises. Without requiring constant care and maintenance, Armory carpet tiles are designed to remain in top condition for years to come. Additionally, if a carpet tile does become damaged, you can replace that single tile and don’t have to change the whole section like you’d need to do with broadloom carpets, for example. In fact, many people will keep a few extra carpet tiles on hand just for this reason.
  • Easy installation — Unlike carpet roll and broadloom carpets, Armory camouflage carpet tiles are pre-cut and feature an integrated pvc backing. Not only does it offer quick and easy installation, but it also provides you with effective sound insulation.
  • Fast dispatch and exceptional customer service — As a leading Australian supplier of commercial flooring solutions and carpet tiles, we can work with you to ensure you achieve the interiors of your dreams. Contact us today to order camouflage carpet tile samples.

Camouflage carpet tiles from the flooring experts

Whether you’re an interior designer, architect or property developer, Icon Modular will furnish your commercial premises with a premium design and durable construction. With years of experience and a wide network of installers, suppliers and designers, we can provide you with flooring solutions you can enjoy for years to come. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for expert advice.

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