Sydney is the economic and financial hub of Australia. Flourishing with corporate offices, commercial spaces, and retail behemoths, your business needs to strive to create an experiential difference to set your offering apart.

So if you’re looking to elevate your commercial space with premium carpet tiles, Icon Modular is here to help. As the leading carpet tile supplier in Sydney, we focus on revitalising your space’s ambience and adding a touch of elegant professionalism to your interiors.

Eminent carpet tile suppliers in Sydney

When it comes to quality and design, carpet tiles are an excellent solution. Icon Modular is one of the leading commercial carpet tile suppliers in Sydney, with an expansive range of stylees and colours, perfect for every spatial setting. Our range has been designed to complement your interior with modern, styleish and eye-catching carpet designs.

Reasons to choose carpet tiles

There are so many pros to using carpet tiles. Installation is quick and easy, and each tile is laid separately, so cuts are easier to give a perfect fit. Our multi-levelled loop pile across all our products hides dirt and is easy to clean.

One of the most useful features of carpet tiles is that you can seamlessly replace worn or stained units without recarpeting an entire floor — making carpet tiles an affordable option in the long run. This is particularly useful for high traffic areas in commercial and retail settings. Our carpet collection has been designed with durability in mind, requiring little upkeep so you can maintain a modern and professional interior with little effort or fuss. Some other benefits of our modular carpet tile designs include:

  • Versatility — With a range of various stylees, colours and finishes available, and tiles that can be easily cut to fit irregular corners, our carpet tile collection boasts versatility to suit different interior themes.
  • Cost-effectiveness — A smart investment for high footfall areas, our carpet tile collection is competitively priced to ensure you can enjoy a consistent fit-out throughout your premises.
  • Durability — A high-quality construction ensures your carpet tiles boast durability and endurance to withstand light and heavy footfall areas.
  • Easy maintenance — They are easy to clean and can be conveniently replaced without ripping out the whole floor covering.

Experience impeccable stylee and quality

Our designers have created a range of carpet stylees to bring any commercial flooring to the next level. When looking for carpet tiles, you can be assured of a quality, hardwearing carpet from Icon Modular. We consult with architects, designers, builders and project managers to ensure the exact look and design are matched to the satisfaction of those creating the space.

Browse our full range of carpet tiles in Sydney today to discover beautiful designs such as The Galaxy, By The River, Urban Minerals and Armory. Natural landscapes and experiences inspire each collection, bringing a whole new dimension to your décor that is practical and pleasing to the eye.

  • The Galaxy — Inspired by cosmic patterns and a spectral, galactical colour palette, the Galaxy collection will dress your floors in grey and black, milky white and deep violet-hued carpet tiles.
  • The River — Roused from Australia’s natural landscapes, the collection is reminiscent of earthy tones and textures in grey and ochre inspired hues.
  • Urban Minerals — Drawing from natural elements, this collection conjures the soothing colours of stones like Quartz, Onyx, Magnetite and Gypsum.
  • Armory — Bringing the battlefield to your boardroom, the Armory collection blends black, charcoal and grey-hued carpet tiles.

The importance of professional carpet installation

Our team boasts the experience and expertise to deliver a seamless installation throughout your premises without issues of lifting corners. We understand our reputation as trusted carpet tile suppliers in Sydney — so we ensure our quality by maintaining installation standards that match the excellence of our product range.

Find the latest carpet tile designs at Icon Modular

If you’re searching for carpet tile suppliers dedicated to crafting spaces with complementary modular carpet designs, Icon Modular is your number-one destination. If you have any questions about our carpet tiles or want to learn more about how we can help, get in touch with our team of carpet experts in Sydney today. We look forward to hearing how we can help you transform your commercial space.

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